One Piece Rp (New Beginnings)

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One Piece Rp (New Beginnings)

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:47 pm

One piece New Beginnings is a new, fresh role playing site that was started not too long ago. We have framed the site to fit a presentable image and are still shaping it. The founders of the site are looking forward to help new role players and One Piece otakus. All you fans gather around and have fun at our place; Here you will be able to set sail for and adventure that will have you crossing ocean, leaving your signs everywhere, be it lost islands, new grounds or places you want to conquer.. The people who helped out on the site have done a great job and we want you guys to take part in helping us, the founders and mods, to dive into the results of our hard work and progress we have made to complete the site. I now present to you the Plot of One Piece New Beginnings.

The age of pirates started to vanish, when luffy and his crew had sailed off into the sea never to be seen again. Legends have been told that they may have found Roger's treasure, the One Piece. What may have been said is that the one piece was just a joke to get people to set sail to the open seas in false hope. One thing about Roger is that he was a smarter than most men in his time, he had discovered many islands. The idea that he was the reincarnation of Pasadena came into effect when his own crew watched as he took down 1,000 navy ships, with just the movement of hand.
He left a note in his first chest he had every found it was soon took to a capital city and put on display as mark of history, soon after a new age of pirates decided to take sail in hopes of finding the true One piece; will you find it????

Here at One piece we offer a wide range of places you can role play at; from temples to islands many places to come in the future. The site growing everyday with nice people who are willing to role play with anyone, no matter the skill or grammar. The site is guest friendly with an open advertisement area for new people who are also starting a site.


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