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Old town Glory  Empty Old town Glory

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 06, 2013 4:51 pm

Job: Old town glory
Job Location: Castelia town
Rank: D
Player Requirements:

  • -1D rank or 2D rank wizards
  • -A total of 5 post minimum each player
  • -100 Words minimum per post

Job Requirements: 
Make sure the fair goes over well by stopping the group of thieves that plan on stealing from stands
Job Description: 
Tomorrow when you arrive at Castelia town you will be in the rush of permeation for the fair at night, people will moving all around you .The requester of the mission knows the town folk will most likely drop some items without knowing and walk off. The request ant also knows that a group of thieves will steal the left items on the ground and also steal from the stands without the stand owner knowing. We may also need you to help out town folk set up the stands and many more task.

  • Thieves-Weak
  • Magic thieves- Normal 



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