The lunar dance

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The lunar dance  Empty The lunar dance

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:47 pm

Job: The Lunar dance
Job Location: Honsenka town
Rank: D
Player Requirements:

  • -1 D rank wizard
  • -A total of  9 post minimum
  • -100 Words Minimum per Post

Job Requirements: 
Dance with the request ant daughter or son for the lunar dance.
Job Description: 
Honsenka town always throws a lunar festival at the beginning of each month when the moon is a purple pink color. You will have to learn the special dance that is needed that will bring the family good luck.. The reason why the request wants you to dance with his daughter or son  is the fact that she/he will not dance with anyone in the town they want a wizard from an well known guild to dance with her/him.


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