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Bring back my child Empty Bring back my child

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:59 pm

Job: Bring back my child
Job Location: Elderwood Forest
Rank: B
Player Requirements:

  • 2 C rank wizards or 1 B rank wizards
  • A total of 15 post minimum each player
  • 200 Words minimum per post

Job Requirements:
Find where the kidnappers are and fight them so you can bring the kid back to her parents.
Job Description:
A rich family living on the edge of the forest is looking for strong mage's to free their dear child. She has been captured an taken to the Elderwood Forest. A dark group of wizards is keeping here there and asking money for her freedom. You need to be fast they will kill the child in two days from when your mission starts. Look out they have spies everywhere in the forest and will know your coming. Watch out for the monster they are sending into the forest to kill you.

  • Wolves
  • Birds
  • Fire wizard
  • Water wizard
  • 2 people without magic but with weapons.

Exp: 100
Jewels: 20,000


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