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Post by Guest on Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:32 am

Job: Get me a book
Job Location: Magnolia Town
Rank: D
Player Requirements:

  • 1 D-rank or higher rank (at least), 5 posts per person at 100 words per post.
  • Maximum 2 people can take this mission.

*Job Requirements:
[*] Meet the client
[*] Listen to his spiel about the book entitled “Tales of Merethios”
[*] Search for the book throughout Magnolia town. It is located in a library or bookstore.
[*] Return to the client.
[*] Listen to his second spiel about the contents of the book (Tablet of Merethios, Staff of Merethios)
*Job Description: Aerin Turrianus, a young Archaeologist, has been undertaking a study on the ancient dark wizard Merethios and the artifacts which he created and sealed away in ruins deep underground. He has summoned you (and a partner) to go forth and find a book which he states may help him in his studies.
Importance: N/A (As long as the mission objective is satisfied)
Enemies: N/A
Exp: 20
Jewels: 5000


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