— HALCYON , a literate warriors roleplay

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— HALCYON , a literate warriors roleplay

Post by BONESAD on Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:21 am

a literate warriors roleplay
nothing good lasts forever
The decades of peace that once swept the lake territories has now been obliterated by the overwhelming settlements of Twolegs. StarClan's prophecy leads the clans on a perilous journey through uncharted mountains and dangerous forests, but in the end, they find tranquility in a new region; the north coast. After some time, they finally begin to settle in, but the troubles brought on by this unfamiliar land are difficult to adapt to. New enemies and old grudges threaten the cats, and as they quarrel with one another and nature itself, they fail to see the signs StarClan is so desperate to show them. There is a darkness that lurks in the vast sea, a foreboding in the smell of burning sage, a warning in the cries that echo throughout the sky. The twisting shadows will drag them down—that is, if the cats do not rip themselves apart first. The cats have met their match.

Will they pull through and survivor the terrors of the unknown?
Or will they perish at the paws of their own?

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