Pokemon Mystery Dungeons Beyond

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeons Beyond

Post by FLOABN on Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:21 am

"As you might know, this world is different than the 'usual' world of pokemon. Here, there are no humans, and at most they are regarded as mere legends and myths. The pokemon take care of and lead themselves, forming various villages, towns, and societies.

However, as you likely already guessed, all is not at peace. For one, there are the famed mystery dungeons; strange places that seem to be a magnet for danger and adventures galore. 

Uninfluenced by humans, the pokemon make their own reputations, as either valiant heroes or deathly feared villains."

  • As an RPG based on the beloved games, we hope to provide one of the best RP environments for it, and promote a nice and fun atmosphere. 

  • No daunting posting requirements

  • Several Pokemon Species to choose from

  • Members will build help to build the canon of the game through events and what they do in the RP.


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