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Fallout: Origins - post-apoc | no wc

Post by Vault Bo on Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:23 am

The Mojave; hardly touched by the bombs of the Great War in 2077 and home to the city of bright lights in the desert wasteland. Two hundred years after the Great War, though, the Mojave was subjected to the warring powers that resided in it. 

It's been three years since the Second Battle of Hoover Dam where the three major powers warring of the Mojave were defeated by a single Courier. The New California Republic, a democratic military in California, and Caesar's Legion, a ruthless slaver society, were driven from the Mojave and suffered immense damage to both armies; over in New Vegas, the mysterious overseer, Mr. House, was silenced forever and the Mojave belonged to the Courier.

However, there's something far worse on the horizon that threatens all progress and freedom of the inhabitants of the desert wasteland. A pre-war threat from before the Great War is coming back West after hearing of the weakened armies that occupied the Mojave. With little options, the Mojave will need to band together or allow their greed for the land to be their downfall.

Vault Bo

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