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Novus War [Link Back]

Post by Ventus on Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:49 am

On a world not too much different from Earth exists two civilizations that once lived in peaceful harmony. To the south west is the republic of Relenza, a beautiful technologically developed county that has attempted to share its peaceful existence with neighboring regions. Then there is the Celestial Union to the Far East, a group of allied nations that believe bringing their planet together under on flag would eliminated the need for borders and allow the people the freedom of movement without limitations.

In year 34 of the Polara Calendar, Unknown to the Republic of Relenza, the Celestial Union decides to begin a campaign of conquest. They would first offer their target nation a chance to join willingly and if refused, would follow up with force. This campaign of conquest would not be noticed by the Republic until a year later when they are informed of this by a neighboring nation requesting help. In response to the Unions attacks, the Republic decides to step in and request an explanation before resorting to force themselves. The Republic does not receive the response they wanted to hear and claim that the Union must be stopped.

By P.C 38 the War does not see an end anytime soon; To assist in this conflict, both the Republic and Union develop large humanoid shape robotic units called Battle Assault Strikers. Due to these developments, B.A.S units become the back bone of both Militaries, both sides go on to develop different Striker types by P.C 40.

It is now Early Polara year 40 and the war is at a stand still, who will come out on top? Those who seek unification by force or those who seek peaceful co-existence without unnecessary conflict? Take a side and give your best! This is war soldier!


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