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Bleach Nightlands RP``

Post by Dorety on Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:08 pm


[center]Bleach Nightlands RP is a literary roleplaying site based on an alternative interpretation of Bleach.[/center]

 We have a
 system[/url][/b]. Because we think that it's too hard to balance a
speed-of-light fight, we let the numbers speak instead. Of course,
people are welcome to freeform as well, though the important site-wide
events will contain at the very least one stat-fight for most involved.

 We have a focus on PvP. The Nightlands is a world in conflict and all
characters can expect to participate. An important part of PvP is
balance and fairness, our system is engineered to ensure this by placing
 the burden on our staff who create techniques specifically designed to
match your character’s personality and fighting style.

[*] We
offer four playable races on the Nightlands each with their own unique
advantages and disadvantages; Shinigami, Arrancar, Bountu and Humans.

 We provide a highly interactive RP environment with an ever changing
story. The Nightlands world is inhabited by five influential factions
that characters are able to join and aid in the battle for supremacy.
Characters are able to gain power and influence within the world and
help influence the outcome of the various Nightlands conflicts.

 We have a completely different RP setting from canon Bleach. Because
people grow too obsessed with the Espada and Captain positions, we have
removed them. On Nightlands, there is no Soul Society nor Hueco Mundo.
Instead, everything takes place in the real world, with various
political and ideological Factions fighting for power in the
supernatural underbelly of the world, known as the Nightlands.[/list]

 are currently open for character applications and RP, but the system is
 in beta, so many of our rules are subject to change! We are also
seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our Staff team!

We hope you will be [url=]joining[/url] us soon![/center]


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