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Thedas is a continent built on strife, turmoil, and conflict, but every land has its breaking point. Tamar Aeducan, now Commander of the Grey in Amaranthine, may have saved the land from the clutches of the Darkspawn, but that was only the beginning of the story. Queen Anora is struggling to rebuild and reunite Ferelden after the turmoil of Blight and a civil war caused by her father. Kirkwall has become restless due to a strange conglomeration of Qunari and mage problems, exacerbated by rise of a certain Aidan Hawke, who is rumored to be an apostate. The Dalish wander and plan for a way to return their homeland to their people. In Orlais, power-hungry and, most importantly, bored nobles are also beginning to shun Empress Celene's pacifism as they quietly prepare to unseat her and put a warrior on the silver throne. There are other stories elsewhere, from the Anderfels to Rivain, and they all tie into the blood-soaked fate of Thedas.

What will your story be? How will you shape the fate of Thedas?

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