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Post by SHAMBALA on Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:37 pm

  • Based on East Asian culture with an original setting
  • Folklore and spirits
  • Open and member-determined plot
  • Curses and powerful magic
  • No word or character count
  • Active
  • A large amount of character options
  • Wanted ads built into the application
  • Three different types of applications to choose from
  • Canon villains and plot-heavy characters designed by staff and members
  • Option to add member-created lore 
  • NPC system 

    And, most importantly, a heavy focus on collaborative writing!

Set in an ancient empire named Shambala, the old myths say all things are governed by the movement of stars. When these are read at birth, any and all throughout the land are given a box. Kept sealed by a red string and steeped in old magic, this box must never be opened until the day the astrologers have inscribed—and, if you toy with the unknown, then expect the wrath of the spirits that mean to harm you.

SHAMBALA is an nontraditional folklore-based and character development-centered roleplay with an open plot. All our character interaction revolves around curses given to individual characters and resulting character development, along with events and systems designed through member input and collaboration.


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