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Fairy Tail RPG!

Post by Erza! on Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:30 am

Fairy Tail RP ( Non-Canon )
| Character

~Fairy Tail RP Introduction~

never change. Villains will be villains. Heroes will be heroes. The
never-ending battle between "good and evil" will always rage on. This is
one thing that the kingdom of Fiore knows well. It's now the year X968,
and magic has advanced greatly. New and terrifying magics are being
seen all across the world. Strange and mystical lands are being
discovered what seems to be everyday, and with discoveries comes

That's where you come in!

Welcome to Fiore,
young mage. You might be asking yourself some questions. Am I good
enough to be a mage? What side should I be on? Will I be any good at
magic? Well, I'll put it in perspective for you. If your reading this,
then you are interested in magic. That's all you need! Follow your
heart, your curiosities! They will take you where you need to go. Run
along now!

You have a destiny to fulfill.


Welcome to Fairy Tail RP!

are a new Forum RP based on Fairy Tail. Looking to surpass all other
Fairy Tail RPs. A reason why a new one was created is due to lack of
staff motivation to help the community. We are dedicated in making your
RPing experience fun and free!


-All Magic Available
-Dragon Slayers
-God Slayers
-Wizard Saints
-Magic Council
-Harbingers (Opposite of Wizard Saints)
-Gold Keys
-Over 50 Areas to RP!
-Unknown Lands (No-Restrictions RP Area)
-Custom Guilds
-Achievement System
-Lineage System
-Job System
-Reward System
-Awards System
-Casino Games
-Active Events & Contests
-Active & Friendly Staff
-Great Community
-Growing Community
-YouTube Channel
-Facebook Group
-Donor Options (Glow to name, icon, discounts, etc.)
-Staff Positions (Development Team, GFX Team, Chat Box Moderators)


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