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Post by blu on Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:20 pm

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[size=1]Come Home is an original old school Pokemon Role Play that is taking place in Kanto. Chose to be one of the four Trainer Types and start your journey in the magical world of Pokemon. Help Team Rocket take over Kanto, expand to other regions  and become the most powerful organization the world has ever seen by exploiting Pokemon. If evil does not tickle your fancy, maybe the complete opposite would. Join the Rangers in the fight against Team Rocket, to try and stop them by any means necessary. if you would rather simply train Pokemon, obtain badges and work at becoming Pokemon Champion, and maybe fight Team Rocket along the way; Trainers seem to fit your tastes. If you would rather take the peaceful approach, breed Pokemon for your profit and become a Pokemon Breeder and take no side in this growing war for Kanto.


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