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Post by Bird on Thu Aug 15, 2013 3:48 pm

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On the coast of Maine resides the infamous city of Cascaro, home to few humans and an abundance of stray dogs. Feral dogs multiply everyday, while hybrids lurk every corner. The city was once a pleasant metropolis, thriving as an active seaport. However, the city soon suffered many natural disasters, forcing most humans away and leaving the stray canines to survive. Though survival was hard, the dogs held on, and multiplied until Cascaro had been nearly taken over by the canine species. The humans which remained behind in the city paid no heed to the mounting dog population, until humans and dogs came hand to paw, resulting in countless canine and human accidents. It was then that humans went to drastic measures to eliminate the stray population from Cascaro, a city they coveted to once again call their own.

The animal control patrolled the streets, guns and nets armed in preparation to capture any dogs they could. It was decided that the humans needed to use more hostile tactics to erase the canine population, to the point where rewards were given to anyone who could capture a stray dog alive. Even with this initiative, killing was the most common option, but it only mildly diminished the canines, whose population appeared to be growing exponentially with each passing day. The kennels were overflowing, and for every one dog they caught, there seemed to be five more to replace it. The humans became infuriated as to how these dogs continued to thrive in the city, multiplying like rats. But the humans refused to abandon the city; their war had just started. But the humans refused to abandon the city; their war had just started. With more strays and hybrid breeds flooding the city, war erupted on every street corner, chaos in every home. No wonder the humans seeked extreme measures.

Despite the city mirroring a ghost town, the humans which remained behind fought hard to take back what they say as rightfully theirs. As the dog population increased the city became more and more of a dog-eat-dog world. Sectors of the city became more pack related areas, and as tensions between the packs grew, the question of survival among the dogs arose in Cascaro. A new pack order arises, and an evil gang grows quietly. Can the canines survive with the perils of Cascaro paired with the rivalry of the packs? There is only one way to find out, and that is to join us in the fight for survival.

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