Journey With Me[au naruto]

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Journey With Me[au naruto]

Post by JWM admi on Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:55 am

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Sites Synopsis: 
Two major deaths has changed the entire playing field for the Shinobi of this world. Jiraya, one of the Legendary three Sanin and Uchiha Itachi a member of the group known as Akatsuki. These two deaths have symbolized how shaky the world is and along with that revealed new things.

The first being that Uchiha Sasuke has joined Akatsuki and is now moving with them. Uchiha Madara has also been brought back to life by the Leader of Akatsuki. Naruto is beginning his training at Mount Myoboku but can he finish in enough time to fight Pein, who is making his way to the Leaf as we speak? Come along and Journey With Me to find out what happens.

OC members can join the Faction Taka if accepted through battle by Uchiha Sasuke.
Same goes for Akatsuki.

JWM admi

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