Naruto - Warring States [Advertisement & Affiliation Request]

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Naruto - Warring States [Advertisement & Affiliation Request]

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 of the same old plotlines where the "Good guys win, bad guys lose, and
then come back again" scenarios are just rehashed over and over again?
Want to see something that hopes to be new and different? Annoyed with
that one lazy guy who is a higher rank than you in the faction and does
nothing? Can't stand biased or unfair staff? Members who are more
concerned with their own characters' power levels then doing their job?
Then we invite you to check out Naruto - Warring States.

Warring States period is an era ripe with blood, and battle-lust has
caused grief, vengeance, and sacrifice. Territorial expansion is the
dominant mindset, as well as the accepted justification for countless
slaughter. Men, women, and children are not immune. Conscripted into the
 war effort, young boys and girls are lucky if they see themselves reach
 adolescence. Where previously there had been an abundance of children
reported internationally, these numbers are quickly dwindling. This Era
of Conflict taints all whom are born into this time and it is unlikely
to end in the near future. Six Countries - Six Demon Lords. Each Daimyo
sees the other as a threat and thus do they employ Shinobi Clans of
great power and nobility in the quest for expansion and power.

 Nobunaga, Daimyo of the Land of Earth seeks to push south into the
small countries nestled between him and Tokugawa, Ieyasu, Daimyo of the
Land of Wind. This is a matter of blood, and the Lords of Earth and Wind
 call for the others head.

Date, Masamune, Daimyo of the Land of
 Fire grows restless. His reach has become great, his power nearly
unrivaled. And who can stand in his way? Sanada, Masayuki, Daimyo of the
 Land of Forests. A great rivalry between the lords, as well as the
Shinobi Clans they employ has always put the two at odds. Sanada will do
 his utmost to get to the aforementioned lands before Date, reaping what
 the Land of Fire deems its own.

Takeda, Shingen, Daimyo of the
Land of Lightning, has finally amassed military power that matches or
exceeds the likes of the other large countries. Thus, his expansion can
begin as well. And it is crucial that this plan be underway sooner
rather than later. The infrastructure of his country suffers and thus
the economy is not what Takeda wishes it to be. Expansion into more
fertile and fitting lands for a Noble Lord such as he is very critical
to the survival of his people, as well as his claim.

Tadakatsu, Daimyo of the Land of Water has only recently secured his
hold over several of the islands that make up his territory. Albeit
smaller than the other five large nations, Honda does not have much to
fear in the way of being attacked as of yet. All the better really, as
his rule is still dealing with insurrection from other, unclaimed
islands that surround him. Bringing them into the fold is crucial to the
 Land of Water's expansion. For only then will Honda be able to push in
toward the main land and begin to seize territory from the larger

Each Lord hopes to gain the advantage over the others,
gaining power and recognition along the way. The Shinobi employed under
each serve as the military powers in the lands and they do the bidding
of their Lords. Each Clan and their respective Banner-Clans harbors
grudges and rivalries of their own. Noble Shinobi Clans hope to prove
their worth on the battle field and thus continue under the service of
their Daimyo. The cost for such power and prominence is blood and there
is sure to be much that is spilled.

This is the time of the
Warring States! When the shinobi were at their peak, and the stroke of a
 sword or the point of a needle could decide the fate of an entire
nation. Here you will find:

[list][*] An RP experience that strives to be unique, something that you will find few and far between
[*] Helpful, active, friendly, and fair staff members as well as members in general
[*] Tons of things to customize, from your character, to your destiny, to your own role in the plot
[*] An RP free of canon characters
[*] A totally [b]ORIGINAL[/b] storyline influenced by the decisions of the players and their allies
[*] A chance to develop your RP skills
[*] NO Mary Sues or Gary Stus
[*] An actively moderated ranking system that can keep the lazy people from over powering you
[*] And most importantly, a staff who cares[/list]

We welcome you to... [i][url=]~Naruto: Warring States~[/url][/i]



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