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Southern Pern

Post by Whitey on Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:40 pm

It started at the end of the 8th Pass, Pern had once again survived the fight against thread. As the Interval came and went everyone was preparing for the 9th Pass, but it never came. Thread did not fall during the Turns it was expected to fall, nor the few centuries that followed after.  During that time the North was adjusting to a new way of life with the belief that Thread was forever gone. The Weyrs were the only ones steadfast in the belief that it wasn't, but with no falls to fight the Weyrs were able to both keep in top condition as well as earn their keep.

As the population of the North grew even within the Weyrs, many were beginning to look South. Yet before any steps toward the other continent could be made Igen Weyr surprised all of Pern with the birth of Copper Tyriath. She was in every way a Queen, born of a golden egg from a golden mother. It was her coloring that was as different as a Blue was to a Bronze and the fact that she impressed to T'len. This caused an uproar with those outside of the Weyrs. During a Conclave of Weyrleaders it was agreed to exile the pair to the South.

Exiled and followed by those who sympathized they settled in the southern continent and founded Southern Weyr. It wasn't long before others followed by Rider and fellow Pernese, helping to truly settle the southern lands. Then the 9th Pass came and caught everyone by surprise, thankfully Pern survived to see the beginning of the next Interval. During the hectic time of Thread the South was all but forgotten. The birth of many Holds, Halls, and even a second Weyr followed the next decades. Not only is the South prospering but there are new colors other than the Copper Queen, this has become such a norm that no one really remembers a time without the new colors in the South.

Now the 10th Pass has begun, and the Weyrs are stretched thin due to each Weyr only sporting one fertile Queen. But what is on the winds from the North? Though the North may have forgotten them they have not forgotten the Southern continent, to them a prime place to be settled. What will happen when North once again meets South? And what will happen when the Northern Weyrs are met by the Southern Weyrs?

And what is this about Whers?


Southern Pern is an AU Dragonriders of Pern RP, where AIVAS was never found and doesn't exist. The South split from the North but is heavily settled. Advancement in the lives of the Southern Pernese and technology are present. There is no sexuality based Impression with both Weyrs of the South open to Members! Southern deals with the death of one Gold, and the unknown leadership of another. Eastern Weyr's Regent awaits for the next Gold to be born and to lead the Weyr.

There are many available opportunities, and...WHERS & HANDLERS HAVE BEEN NEWLY IMPLEMENTED!. Not only are Rider positions open there are also Handler positions as well! Southern has a clutch on the sands ready to Hatch. All Candidates are welcome, you want a horde of female Riders? Bring them! We welcome all types and either gender of Candidates. As well as Dragonriders or common Pernese!

Welcome to Southern Pern, where things are not what you expect!


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