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Post by Sato Ace on Fri Oct 25, 2013 10:06 pm

hundred years have passed since the death of the one and only Uzumaki
Naruto, and the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, and the vanishing
of the legendary monsters known as 'Bijuu'.The world has changed
drastically since then. The villages have grown even more stronger then
they have ever been. Shinobi have begun to showcase new jutsu along side
bloodlines. The villages have up holded their peace treaty that was set
up by Uzumaki Naruto but was the time of peace finally over?

Kages have stepped up to protect the villages, new Missing Ninja travel
the dusty land and new Organizations plot in the dark for their goals
to wreck havoc, it was just a matter of time before they made their

Will the world of Naruto Nexus start to turn
downwards of will the peace that has lasted for over 100 years continue.
Will the Kages be able to protect their villages or will the new
Organizations be too much to handle? Will the minor countries decide
they want to become one of the main villages and try take over the
villages? All these things can happen within in instant but nothing is
for sure yet but the time will soon come when we see what is install.

Committed Staff

of waiting two to three days for your applications on other sites to
get checked? well here on Naruto Nexus we promise that, that will not be
the case here. We have committed staff the will check your applications
as soon as we can because we know how eager yous will be too want to

Character Development

of joining a site, making your character and on your first RP topic you
get killed by a veteran member? well here on Naruto Nexus we offer well
explained systems that can prevent things like that and help give you
chances to grow and mature your character into one of the greatest
ninjas ever.

Unique Systems

of every site having the same systems and want to try something new?
well here on Naruto Nexus we promise to offer you unique systems that
are well explained and easy to understand. We have a lot of well
functioned systems that will improve your time Role Playing here.


sky is the limit they say? well not here on Naruto Nexus. We offer a
variety of ways to show how creative you are from making characters,
clans, jutsu, weapons, puppets and even items! yes you heard right,
items. Here on Naruto Nexus, Creativity has no limit.


top of everything we offer Respect whether you are a new member, old
member or even a guest. We promise that everyone will get treated
fairly. You throw in a suggestion or have a idea that you would like to
see in Naruto Nexus? we promise we will discuss the matter and do our
best to implant your idea in if it makes sense and fits into our

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Sato Ace

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