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Post by Umibouzu on Sun Apr 27, 2014 8:35 pm


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Welcome to the Gourmet Age! Saved from
destruction by the Bishokushin Acacia, the world has grown to experience
 a greater taste and a love of food. Thanks to the world's unique
geography, animals and plants have evolved to become delicious food, and
 live in a range of fantastic and impossible landscapes. People have
chosen to follow these ingredients and brave all manners of danger in
order to provide them to Chefs to cook in restaurants, we call these
fighters Bishokuya. The entire world has it's mind set on food, and
countries can rise and fall with the creation of a new style of cooking.

 this age, people look to find the best flavor, and fight and compete
for the best foods, and hopefully to reach the pinnacle of gourmet food,
 the Gourmet World. In a miraculous land of delicious ingredients and
otherworldly locations, the spirit of adventure is alive in this RP.


[*]A community of growing members who are always willing to post
[*] A simple system for every single type of character using traits
[*] Removal of a stats system, and the use of upgradeable skills that evolve as the players use them.
[*] Frequent events called storylines, which involve all the members of the forum
 New items, places and creatures are added as the character's see fit,
allowing for an all custom experience different from other RPs.


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