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Post by Guest on Thu May 08, 2014 10:01 am

When one thinks of a pet, they mean a loyal animal that stands by it's master through thick and thin. That being said, your pet is your loyal partner that will stand by you in your roleplaying experience here at Fairy Tail Rebirth. Here is the set of rules that must be followed when considering how to make and how to use a pet.

Making A Pet

In the land of Fiore, one thing is certain. Almost nothing is ever as it seems. When magic is involved, logic is thrown out of the window. Therefore, don't be afraid to get a little crazy (not too crazy) when/if you make a pet.

On this site, there are going to be two types of pets.
Combat Oriented and Non-Combat Oriented.

Combat Oriented Pets are pets that can be used while on missions and duels. They can use offensive, defensive, or supportive spells to assist their owners during combat. Future owners of these pets should also know that when they make a pet of this type, that they run a risk of getting their pet killed in battle. Non-Combat Oriented Pets do not have this problem.

This type of pet is allowed to use magic. However, they are bound to only one kind of magic.

Example: Hyo has a ability where he can roar out a blast of water at his enemies. Because this ability is centered around water, any other ability must be centered the element of water as well.

Each character is allowed to apply for one free basic pet.

The Pet Skills Per Rank, go as such:

D-C Pet: One spell restricted to being a D-C ranked spell.
B-A Pet: Two spells restricted to being B-A or Lower ranked spell.
S-L Pet: Three spells restricted to being a S or lower ranked spell.

Non-Combat Oriented Pets are pets that have no combat functionality. If they are on the battlefield, they are more of a hindrance then a help. That being said, this type of pet is usually more sought after because they cannot die in combat, while Combat Oriented Pets can.

Please remember that pets can only have one ability that you can change when you upgrade them.


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