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Post by Guest on Sun May 11, 2014 1:20 am

In order to rank your character up, you will need to carry out missions for certain clients, and bring honor, fame and cash to your guild (or yourself, if you're that kind of guy). These can be found in the request board of your guild hall. Only members of the guild which the mission is specified for may choose to take it.

In addition, missions have certain tiers, each of which give out a different level of EXP and jewels. Logically, the harder-level missions give more rewards.

  • FAVOR: These missions are typically easy. Maybe you need to walk someone's dog, or return someone's lost items; it's essentially being a good Samaritan. The only difference is that you get paid for doing this.
    EXP AWARD: 50
    JEWEL AWARD: 6000-9000J

  • SERVICE: Rather than doing something mundane and boring for someone, services are a little out of the ordinary. Instead of fetching milk, you might be fetching a man's lost daughter from a dark forest; that kind of thing. There is a risk of getting injured here, but it is not too prevalent. 

          EXP AWARD: 75
          JEWEL AWARD: 10,000-15,000J
          WORDS REQUIRED: 500
          RANKS THAT CAN TAKE THESE MISSIONS: All (D rank cannot solo)

  • CONTRACT: A contract spices things up a bit. These missions tend to deal with more serious matters, like clearing out a bandit camp or assassinating someone. There is a chance of death with these missions, so be careful. Don't do anything too stupid.

          EXP AWARD: 250
          JEWEL AWARD: 15,000-23,000J
          WORDS REQUIRED: 750
          RANKS THAT CAN TAKE THESE MISSIONS: C+ (C rank cannot solo)

  • QUEST: Quests are notoriously challenging missions. There is a high chance of death here and these obligations are not for the faint of heart. They typically involve wiping out dark guilds or underground organizations; even slaying mythical beasts of burden. Do them at your own risk. However, naturally, the rewards are riper.

          EXP AWARD: 800
          JEWEL AWARD:150,000-200,000J
          WORDS REQUIRED: 1,000
          RANKS THAT CAN TAKE THESE MISSIONS: B+ (B rank cannot solo)

  • 10-YEAR: 10-year missions, or S-Requests, are the real deal. They carry an extremely high risk of death, and the stakes are usually much higher. Picture defeating groups of evil zealots and preventing weapons of mass destruction from falling into the wrong hands; perhaps even saving the king of Fiore from members of a dark organization contracted with killing him. These missions cannot be made by the regular users of the site and must be made by moderators. 

          EXP AWARD: 1,500
          JEWEL AWARD: 400,000J-800,000J
          WORDS REQUIRED: 4,000

  • 100-YEAR: The gloves are off with 100-year missions. These missions appear rarely and usually when the entire world is in a dire threat. The risk of death is everywhere in a 100-Year mission, but the rewards are extremely rich. However, only the strongest of the strong may embark on one. Regular members cannot make these missions.

          EXP AWARD: 2,500
          JEWEL AWARD: 1,000,000-3,000,000J
          WORDS REQUIRED: 8,000
          RANKS THAT CAN TAKE THESE MISSIONS: S+ (S rank cannot solo)


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