Rainbow Mists Weyr -- non-canon dragonriders of Pern RP

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Rainbow Mists Weyr -- non-canon dragonriders of Pern RP

Post by R'kent on Fri May 16, 2014 1:49 am

Rainbow Mists Weyr

Recent Happenings:
~The Headwoman is found dead in a store room. A Turn later, investigations are still tentative, and suspicion is directed at a mysterious group spotted four months prior in the jungle. But could one group, any one group, have that much power and influence?

~Ice Stone Weyr and the North have their own troubles with the Silverlight conflict. A weyrling was kidnapped and forced to reveal information about the Weyr; eggs are smashed by vengeful rogues. The law is slow to act and vigilantes heedless of the consequences prepare to strike.

~Raging fires devastate the south, flinging refugees far and wide. The smoke injures, the flames destroy, and even when it seems to end, will it?

What We Offer:
~Over nine years as a role playing community
~Expanded and improved non-canon atmosphere
~Two major settings: Rainbow Mists Weyr and Ice Stone Weyr
~Two minor settings still growing: Cliffside Sea Hold and Rainbow Mists Aerie
~Variety of open characters and colorful dragons
~Experienced, mature, and approachable staff

Thank you for considering Rainbow Mists Weyr. My name is Kaya and I’ve been running this Weyr since its beginning in 2004. When I started Rainbow Mists Weyr my founding motto was "Our doors are always open." We welcome role players of all backgrounds, ages and experience. If you want to be a member of our role playing family you already are! Come get to know us, as writers and friends. I promise you’ll enjoy it.
With sincerity and joy,

~Sr. Weyrwoman Kaya

Come over and check us out!  just copy and paste the following:


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