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Post by HM Leena on Sun May 25, 2014 2:05 am

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Welcome to Syne Academy, a school based on a mountain in an island Kingdom off the coast of mainland Vytal called Bellmuse. Here we train Hunters and Huntresses to perfection in the war against the Darkness and Grimm. Following the same timeline as our heroes in Beacon, this is a Non-Canon RWBY based RP that changes at the Canon story changes and as new events created by members occur. Will you Train with the greats and help Bellmuse become a Beacon of light, or do you have a dark spirit with in you, just waiting to release the destruction on us all?

Never seen or even heard of RWBY? No Problem! This is Non-Canon so you don't need to know much coming in. Even if you do, we have both RWBY experts and posted information telling you about the important stuff. so what's the wait for? Come Join in!

HM Leena

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