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Post by Guest on Mon May 11, 2015 8:47 pm

Someone's Fighting Me Bamboo_forest_spirits_by_sheer_madness-d729ud9
The setting is an endless Bamboo Forest at night, with the center point being a shrine that is about 15mx15m. Lit lanterns hang on each corner of this shrine as well as on random stalks of bamboo keeping the forest, slightly lit. Not well lit, but slightly. Lets also add those red dragon things as seen in the image, just for aesthetics nothing more. There will be no attacking on intro post, only after one's first post may they start attacking and keep the amount of actions in each post relative to the post before yours, meaning more is ok, but not too many more actions. Lastly it's OOC so feel free to kill of course, decap, blow em up, whatever floats your boat. Keep vague mania to a fair minimum, everyone is S-Rank and everyone is granted one free A_Rank item to use in this thread, but it may not have an ability. We each have one magic, secondary or primary, regardless only use one. I'll start.

At 5`11 the teen clad in shinobi like garbs remained motionless as he perched in the height of the bamboo forest. Roughly 15m high above a stalk of the thick cylinders, that housed a lantern, 10m below him, meaning it's light didn't not touch his person. These odd dragon like apparitions tranquilly drifting through the forest as if brainless drones reporting to their master kept the insomniac alert and mildly entertained. They made odd cries like that of whales in the sea and Kotaro found it nice to study. His katana clasped on the back of his hips with the handle out to his right side, he shifted his topaz eyes over to see the shrine that was 30m away from his location. What was he doing in such a place and why in the bamboo seemingly hidden from the world, it was just the way he lived. No bad intentions were on his mind, nor was combat, he just preferred to travel in a such a way that kept him unseen and gave him a grand view of the area he was in.


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