Solving the murder

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Solving the murder Empty Solving the murder

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:11 pm

Job: Solving the murder
Job Location: Clover Town
Rank: D
Player Requirements:

  • - 2 D rank wizards
  • -A total of 5 post minimum each player
  • -100 Words minimum per post

Job Requirements: 
Solve the Murders and Stop the Wizards that is causing them
Job Description: 
You have been sent to Clover town to stop the murders that have be going on for the past week. The head of the investigation knows that this wizard has a motive but really does not know what it is. The people who have been killed have something in common with each other, they were all from upper class families. I suggest that you do your own kind of investigation to find were the next murder will be at.
The criminal may have a partner 

  • Flame wizard
  • Wind wizard
  • Shadow wizard

Exp: 20
Jewels: 5,000


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