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City without time Empty City without time

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:25 pm

Job: City without time
Job Location: Isfet Desert
Rank: A
Player Requirements:

  • 2 B rank wizards or 1 A rank wizards
  • A total of 20 post minimum each player
  • 250 Words minimum per post

Job Requirements:
Safe the town and get it back to normal.
Job Description:
There is a small town hidden in desert that needs your help. There seemed to be a spell on that town which makes time standing still. only people with magic will not be affective by this spell but the normal people are frozen in time. Wizards are extremely rare in that town, thats why they are asking your help. Clocks don't tick and everyone without magic is frozen on the place where they where last at. You need to find out who is doing this and why. Stop the spell and make this town go on with life again. Watch out enemy's are everywhere.

  • Time arc wizard
  • Shadow wizard
  • poison wizard
  • Snakes

Exp: 150
Jewels: 40,000


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