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Mutant High - AU X-Men RP

Post by Jean Gre on Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:04 pm

Tragedy struck only six years prior, when Charles Xavier was slain at the hands of his greatest student. Grief stricken and at a complete loss, his faithful band of Mutants were disbanded when the bank foreclosed upon the school. The lack of a safe haven for young Mutants left gaping holes in the hearts of all who knew him.

More recently, a young, wealthy Mutant has bought the property and re-opened the Xavier Academy, in light of the tumultuous happenings in the years of its closing. With no one left to turn to, the young and lost Mutants of the world seem to have banded together in juvenile gangs to wreak havoc on mankind.

Will the re-opening of Xavier's succeed in quelling the violence that has arisen in the world of Mutants? Only time will tell.

The times, they are changing. Where do YOU stand?

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We ran for 2 years with an average of 20 members consistently.  We have recently rebooted the board, and have alot of major canons available for pickup!  Come be part of Mutant High Gen2!

Jean Gre

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