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West Fiore

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  • Nimbasa City

    Nimbasa City is a city located on the furthest most eastern part of Fiore and is home to the guild known as White Tiger. The city is slightly larger than Magnolia and is located in the sky.

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  • Elderwood Forest

    West Fiore Blackwoodforest

    Elderwood Forest is the oldest forest in all of Fiore. It is said that the forest itself is a magical resort. Those who enter this forest have an unlimited supply of magic power. There have been many attempts to steal the secrets of this forest, but all have failed. Their bones now lay buried within the forest floor...

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  • Mt. Apocalypse

    West Fiore Mtthreehead

    Few have been to this mountain and lived. Those who have were never the same...It is said that the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse resides here. The sky around this mountain is permanently darkened, and the magical aura around it is said to turn even the most noble of mages, into the depths of darkness. A Dark guild known as Valhalla has made it's base at the bottom of the mountain.

    Crest Fallen Guildhall
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  • Isfet Desert

    Isfet Desert the desert that holds many secrets that have yet to have been seen by man.This deserts goes for miles and it is full of pyramids and lost tombs hidden under the sand,the reason it was given the name Isfet, it was know for its harsh nature to the people and animals of the desert and the ones who do not learn to adapt to the winds of fate and change with in the heat of desert,will for sure die lost in the sand.

    Cavern of time
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